Why you deserve to win…



Here’s the reason why you you deserve to win: because you roll out of bed and because you get up on time.

Because you shake off the night’s cobwebs and drag your ass into the bathroom to do your ablutions.

Because you pray and have an attitude of gratitude.

Because you don’t skip the gym.

Because you leap into your day with power.

You deserve to win because you maintain this level of behavior every single day. You deserve to conquer because you don’t compromise on this basic commitment to yourself. You don’t forfeit those basic vows that no matter how effing dank, dark, or downright dismal things occasionally get, you’ll be doing the same thing no matter what the fricking score.

You’re going to absorb all of the hard knocks. You’re going to wobble into the gym most mornings — half off your equiliibrium — and dutifully raise yank yourself up to that horizontal bar and grunt, will, and hoist your heavy self up. up, up there, tearing those muscles into submission. Inhaling the health into your body with each and every rep.

You deserve to win because you cue up that stereo after this while sitting your ass down to crank through the list of goals you drafted the evening before — your Top Five Must-Dos — and you religiously plow through that list until the evening light. You don’t cease until you’re done. Rest refuses to come until you stroke off that final item on your list, and only then you seek rest merely to regain your strength for the next go.

Other characteristics of the Winner:

  • Doing stuff you don’t feel like doing — yet which must be done — even when no one is watching. If you can bring yourself to complete necesary tasks which offer you no apparent glamorous kudo, and routinely, to bott, well that deserves to be commended. Is this habitual? Then you’re a Winner.
  • Doing stuff you wouldn’t necessarily do alone, which can be examples for children: Anyone who understands the vital need to inculcate only the most positive of values in our youth — where the stentorian values of old are in such short supply these days — is going to come out on the winning side of things. Kids are bombarded and distracted by so much inane shit these days. They require consistency, support, mild rebuke for wrongdoing, and plenty of rocket propulsion from the back support team in order to thrive. I am majorly into this. Anyone who is into this as well is a Winner.
  • Not losing your cool. Ever: We admire the icemen and icewomen in our life. Those who constantly maintain their poise, refusing to get flustered. We love the folks who don’t shoot from the hip or crank their mouth off or get overwhelmed by pointless pressure. Who have honed their inner safety-values to prevent total inner-meltdowns. We laud people in this category. In fact, I learned this lesson from the Chinese and by deeply internalizing books like Lucien Pye‘s classic Chinese Negotiating Style.
  • Reading, reading, reading: 90% of your day should be occupied by reading, research, and unearthing secrets by the “brute force” method. The Winning Lifestyle is not a glamor position. It’s not going to win you brownie points. Well, almost never, at least. You might not even be recognized for it in the short-term. But, still, you’ve got to be willing to get your hands on as much material as you can. Your eyes have to grace as many pages of material as you can digest, as the Winner attempts to be a perpetual sponge, hoovering up details from all possible directions. Your next winning detail might come from the most unexpected places. Every one of the Winner’s senses are tuned into the need for data intake during key moments of the day.
  • Delayed gratification: Not everything worth having must be had in the here and now. Winners can wait for things they want and willingly forgo instantly-gratifying chances at quick remuneration or payoff for a much bigger windfall later on down the line.


There is a Winning System, and it’s within your grasp. The above examples are some of the most salient features of the type.

The day is long, the Master is insistent, and much remains to be done. While you may not finish the job in your lifetime, you have no right to cease with the work.

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