In today’s über-competitive independent film marketplace, time and resources are at a premium.

For the aspiring indie filmmaker or auteur, trying to do more with less cash seems to be the watchword.

With Mark Ruffalo on September 10, 2014

The marvelous one — Mark Ruffalo — September 10, 2014 for the premiere of his film INFINITELY POLAR BEAR at the Roy Thomson Hall, Toronto, Canada — TIFF 2014

Yet there never seems to be enough time or money…

But thanks to “social media” tools, the independent film marketing landscape has now been completely redrawn.

Facebook, Twitter, PinterestGoogle Plus, and videocasts now combine in a mighty cross-promotional punch for use by the global filmmaking community, offering novel ways to herald a film’s existence like never before.

Still, there’s a downside: even the most organized of production crews can’t possibly handle this huge job alone. Film promotion and distribution has today become so complex that they demand a new solution.

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According to Jon Reiss, author of Think Outside the Box Office, this new era calls for the creation of a new “above-the-line” crew member:

“I would argue that from now on, every film needs one person devoted to the distribution and marketing of the film from inception, just as they have a line producer, assistant director, or DP [Director of Photography]. Since it always helps for a crew person to have a title I propose the following:

The Producer of Marketing and Distribution or PMD


Having a PMD on your film would serve two important functions:

1. The PMD would be responsible for making sure that everything that needs to happen for distributing and marketing the film happens, from still photos to transmedia coordination and everything in between.

2. It would provide the necessary manpower to make it happen. As long as we push this work to the side, assign it to interns, believe that “we will get to it later,” it won’t get done. This person may need to bring on others to help, but one person needs to be responsible.”

— From Chapter 2: YOUR RESOURCES: THE NEW 50/50, p041, Think Outside the Box Office

A whole new staff person?! Must be expensive, you’re thinking to yourself…

Perhaps not…